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Detailed information about Intl Jazz Platform Footprints Edition

Intl Jazz Platform


Despite all the adversities, we are organizing the 9th and the very unique edition of Intl Jazz Platform in order to meet the needs of the improvised music sector seriously affected by the world pandemic. The consequences of the current crisis will further increase the already high competitiveness and inequalities of the sector. That is why we feel an even bigger need to keep going and provide young artists with an environment in which they can learn from each other, exchange ideas, gain knowledge about the sector, express their concerns and hopes. Where they can feel the sense of belonging and where they can be understood and inspired. We are super happy that for this special edition we will be joined by an amazing faculty team including: Susana Santos Silva on trumpet, Lotte Anker on saxophone, Håvard Wiik on piano, Petter Eldh on bass and Gard Nilssen on drums.


This year’s edition of Intl Jazz Platform is a special one. First of all, it’s a part of the Creative Europe project “Footprints”, which is a new collaborative project that aims at reforming the music sector and introducing the values of social, economic and environmental responsibility to its activities. Created on the initiative of the Periscope from Lyon and Wytwórnia Foundation from Lodz, Footprints will be implemented with 4 experienced European partners Bimhuis from Amsterdam, Druga Godba from Ljubljana, Music Austria from Vienna and Oslo Jazz Festival and it will provide education, training and mentoring programmes for artists, agents and promoters.

Footprints means exciting seminars, workshops, meetings with promoters and mentorship by the most experienced actors of the European music sector. It also means tours for the selected artists and their bands around Europe. 6 participants of Intl Jazz Platform Footprints Edition from Poland, France, Slovenia, Austria, Holland and Norway will be selected to take part in the European tours that will take place between June 2021 and March 2022. They will be a result of a common work between selected artists, Footprints agents and partners of the project serving a mentors and guides of their music scene.


Moreover, thanks to financial support of EOG and Norway grants we have established the partnership with the most prominent venue and cultural institution form Norway Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene. 9 years ago Intl Jazz Platform was created as a result of cooperation with Norwegian jazz musicians and inspired by the Norwegian artistic education system. It aimed at introducing the values characteristic of the Norwegian system, such as creativity, openness to different understanding of music, respect for diversity and freedom of expression. Drawing on the Norwegian model of artistic education and the resources of its scene, Intl Jazz Platform has for years invited Norwegian artists to teach and perform.

Partnership with Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene means exciting master concerts of European artists (among others Gard Nilssen’s Supersonic Orchestra, Waldemar 4, Kongle Trio, Dell/Lillinger/Westergaard, Lucia Cadotsch Trio Speak Low, Space Galvachers, Stian Westerhus Solo, Pimpono Ensemble). It also means a special edition of Intl Jazz Platform in Oslo. 10 Polish participants of Intl Jazz Platform 2021 will be selected to take part in the Norwegian edition of the platform in Oslo within dates October 3rd – 6th.


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