24rd July 2019, 4 p.m. — 6 p.m. Jazz Connective Panel Discussion:
Music as a profession: Organizing your work life as a professional musician

This panel is open to public.


Jan Ole Otnas (NO / Nasjonale Jazz Scene, EJN President), Martel Ollerenshaw (UK / Arts & Parts td. / EJN Board Member), Piotr Turkiewicz (PL / NFM / Jazztopad), Michał Hajduk (PL / Adam Mickiewicz Institute), Romain Dugelay  (FR / Artist, Founder of Compagnie 4000, Co-creator of "Grolektif" collective).

Music industry has changed significantly over the last few decades. The way music is accessed, consumed and created is vastly different nowadays than 20 years ago. Musicians, being the active actors of music ecosystem, need to adjust, learn and develop in order to face the challenges these changes bring. Being a professional musician nowadays requires taking on more and more roles in order to survive, function and thrive in this, very often, merciless environment.

From the artistic point of view, musicians can be both performers and composers, creators and followers, partners and leaders. It is often the balance of all these roles that constitutes the daily life of a musician today.

But it is also more than that. As a project leader, a musician who initiates new creations, ventures into new projects, develops his own network and career, must face a large number of all other tasks, administrative or logistical, financial or even communication-related.

All these tasks can be grouped under the term production, meaning of all steps that are necessary for a project to be born, developed and presented to the public at the same time providing a fair remuneration for all those involved in it. All these tasks can of course be delegated to specialized professionals. This, however, brings about a whole new set of challenges. Finding someone whom you can trust with your career, being able to afford their services, losing control over your own artistic development as well as prioritizing profit over aesthetic value of music.

Finally, music sector is made of different professional actors whose role in fostering talents, supporting artists and enabling audiences to discover new music cannot be underestimated. Live music venues, festivals and public institutions have necessary tools and expertise to help young musicians thrive. How to efficiently use them will be also a topic of this panel discussion.

This round table made up of professionals from our music in Europe will be shared with the young musicians of the INTL Jazz Platform. It will be an opportunity for a real exchange between artists facing challenges related to the development of their careers, young project leaders and European directors.

24th July 2019, noon — 2 p.m. Jazz Connective Workshop:
Career Skills Training: Tools and ideas to develop your career

This workshop is dedicated to young musicians taking part in INTL Jazz Platform.

Its purpose is to equip participants with practical knowledge and tools that will help them function in the music sector.

Martel Ollerenshaw, international expert on talent development programmes for professional musicians, will discuss the challenges young musicians face, essential steps necessary to successfully develop musical initiatives as well as to structure their own artistic careers. She will also analyze the set of extra-musical tools artists have to acquire in order to thrive on the music market.

This workshop is also an opportunity for artists representing different countries and different artistic scenes to share their experiences of different models of career development. We are convinced that young musicians taking part in Intl Jazz Platform share a strong commitment to the development of their future projects. Using the knowledge and experience of our experts and other participants can help them gain a new perspective on their work and careers.

24th July 2019, 6.30 p.m. — 8 p.m. Jazz Connective workshop:
Development of transnational networks or artists circulation

This seminar is dedicated to Jazz Connective delegates.


Aoife Concannon (Improvised Music Company), Kim Macari (UK/ Vortex Jazz Club), Tiphanie (FR / Moreau AJC / Jazz Migration).

After the first round table discussion on this issue of artist circulation in Europe during our stop at the Druga Godba festival in Ljubljana, we continue developing this essential issue of the European circulation of artists and works.

In this seminar, we are going to address the question using the examples of existing mechanisms and their real impact on artists' careers. This analysis will not be limited to devices dedicated to young emerging musicians but to all actions, formal or informal, that have an impact on the development of the circulation of artists.

By exploring these case studies, showing both their strong and weak points, we will be able to develop ideas for future actions, programs, desires and perspectives.

The aim of the roundtable is to use the expertise of the present actors, their determination and a commitment to the development of creative music in Europe, to support musicians in all aspects of their artistic careers.

25th July 2019, noon — 2 p.m. Jazz Connective workshop:
Jazz Connective / Intl Jazz Platform – developing a European model

This workshops is dedicated to Jazz Connective delegates.


Karolina Juzwa (PL / Wytwórnia Foundation), Pierre Dugelay (FR / Périscope).

Using the example of Intl Jazz Platform, participants of the roundtable will explore the possibilities of developing this model in other European countries. How to provide more young musicians, both emerging and established, with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas? How the scheme could be enhanced increasing its international dimension? How to scale the model up in order to include a bigger number of students around Europe?

The aim of this roundtable is to use the feedback, reflections and ideas of the gathered professionals to develop the existing model, try extending its impact and exporting its structure.

Finally, we will analyze different possibilities of European financing for these kind of projects focused on artists’ circulation and professionalization. The discussion will cover new financial devices that haven’t been discussed during our previous roundtables.


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